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Barsatein Realse Date:

Barsatein – Mausam Pyaar Ka is a romantic TV show in Hindi that started on 10 July 2023 on Sony Entertainment Television.

Barsatein Serial Cast:

It is made by Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor and stars Kushal Tandon and Shivangi Joshi. The Barsatein Sony TV show will come out on 10th July 2023 and it will be on every Monday to Friday at 8 pm.


Barsatein Written Updates With Full Storyline:

The show Barsatein begins with Jai arriving to get Aradhna. Bhakti gives them presents and tells Aradhna to look after them. Reyansh phones Aradhna. She looks and sees Reyansh approaching. Reyansh remembers when Aradhna and Jai got married. He drops a glass and it cuts his hand. Aradhna is surprised and worried when she sees that her hand is bleeding. She is sad and tears are falling from her eyes. Reyansh is happy and shows his teeth. She goes with Jai. Reyansh believes that Aradhna will come to him. He calls her once more. She doesn’t reply. He keeps phoning her. He wants to see me one time. She is saying no and never stops calling her. She puts the phone in the cupboard.

 She quickly goes to see Reyansh. Reyansh goes to the hospital. The man is saying that there’s no point because the person is already dead. Jai wants Nita to look after the visitors. He said, “I will only come. ” Nita says, tell your wife to come and join us, we have a good image to keep up. Jai told me that I had to bring her to the doctor. He wants Varun to assist Nita and take care of the guests. Varun says yes. Jai and Aradhna go to where the accident happened. They want to know about Reyansh. The man says he is going to the hospital because he is very sick and might not make it. Aradhna is sad and tears are coming out of her eyes. The man asked if Reyansh was her husband. Varun says people are going home. Nita wants to know what else they will do, but I don’t care. She phones Bhakti. Bhakti wanted to know how the Muh dikhai ceremony was. Nita is giving a lecture.

She said that Aradhna had gone away from home. Bhakti wants to know something. The man said that he called you because your number was the last one dialed. Aradhna says he’s not dead. She quickly goes to the city hospital. Nita says Jai really loves her. She has all the control. Jai has put up with a lot already. Reyansh kidnapped Jai and shot him. Bhakti says Aradhna knows what she needs to do, maybe she has some tasks to do. Jai and Aradhna want to know about Reyansh. The man says he brought him here, but he arrived already dead.

Aradhna is crying and running to see Reyansh. Nita thinks we are crazy, but Aradhna is smart. We shouldn’t doubt her because she’s getting a lot of calls from someone important. Bhakti apologises and knows she shouldn’t have left her. Nita disagrees. Aradhna and Jai visit the morgue. The inspector tells her to check the body and make sure it is the right person. She says it can’t be Reyansh.  She says it can’t be Reyansh. He wants her to look. She said she doesn’t want to see him because he can’t be Reyansh. He says it’s the way things are done, you need to watch and learn.

She looks They are surprised when they see Reyansh. Aradhna is sad and remembers the times they spent together. She yells “no. ” She makes him feel something. Intehaa is playing and Jai is crying.

Barsatein Spoilers:

Aradhna says I can’t take care of myself. Jai brings her to the doctor. Aradhna looks at someone. The doctor thinks it will take a while for you to get over your next. What comes after this? Keep in touch and check out our website chotisardaarni for the latest news and upcoming events.


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