KumKum Bhagya Serial Cast, Upcoming Twist Story, News and Spoilers

KumKum Bhagya Chennal Name:

KumKum Bhagya is widely recognised as Zee TV‘s longest-running show and one of the best Indian TV serial productions ever.

KumKum Bhagya Realse Date:

This serial, which began airing in 2014, is still going strong, with exciting story twists. Ravindra Gautam directed this serial for Balaji Films Production. Ekta and Shobha Kapoor are the producers.

KumKum Bhagya Serial Cast And Main Role:

The cast of this programme KumKum Bhagya grew to stardom when audiences were captivated by their performances. This series stars a lot of Indian drama actors, Sriti Jha plays Pragya, the lead, and Shabir Ahluwalia plays the male. Other personalities in the play include Mugdha Chaphekar, Krishna Kaul, and Abrar Qzai.

KumKum Bhagya Written Updates With Full Storyline:

Sarla is the main character of the KumKum Bhagya and she is a single mom. She had a wedding place in the city and two daughters. Her daughters became adults, and Pragya, the oldest, was a very kind person. When they saw Abhi, a famous rock star, walk by, they didn’t like it. Even though he liked Bulbul, Pragya’s sister, Abhi’s sister Alia was in a romantic relationship with his friend Purab. When Alia finds out that Purab loves someone else and thinks she is the person he loves, she forces her brother to marry Pragya instead, which makes Pragya’s life bad. Her brother agreed to marry Pragya because he wanted to help his sister. Pragya made Abhi’s grandma happy, and she asked for Pragya’s hand.

In the story, Prachi goes to Khushi‘s room but doesn’t find her there. Poorvi is getting ready and thinking about what Harleen said. Prachi called and said that she looked really beautiful, like an angel. Poorvi feels many different feelings. Prachi wants to know what is the matter. Poorvi feels sad and alone because they are not with her. Prachi says to take a break and relax. Damini reaches there. Prachi says Poorvi is sensitive, so please be nice to her.

Damini says she will be loved by us a lot. Poorvi ends the phone call. Damini wants to spend less time talking to her Mayka family and more time with her new family. Poorvi feels worried and then she calls RV. Yug says to RV, “Pick up the phone. ” RV doesn’t want to pick up the phone and says we are going, but he will talk to her later. He creates songs. Poorvi is thinking about what she should do next. Damini comes and tells Poorvi to come downstairs. Poorvi asks her to come. Damini wraps a scarf around Poorvi’s head and tells her that she is now a part of the family and that today is her first time meeting everyone.

Grandpa says we will give her a present too. Grandma sees Poorvi coming towards her and says that the new daughter-in-law has arrived. She says that we will sing the song “Congratulations” before the gift ceremony. Khushi goes there and sees Poorvi sitting there to have her face shown to everyone.

KumKum Bhagya Serial Latest News:

Latest news of this serial Khushi lifts Poorvi’s veil and asks her to talk about RV. The RV gets there. A lady comes and everyone looks at her. What comes after this? Keep looking at our website Chotisardaarni to watch every episode and enjoy yourself.

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