Anupama Serial Cast, Upcoming Story, Twist, News and Spoilers

Anupama Realse Date:

Anupamaa is a popular Indian Hindi Language TV drama that was officially released in October 2020 on Star Plus. This serial contains various social matter issues and this was also present on Disney+ Hotstar.

Anupamaa Serial Cast With Real Names (Actors and Actresses) And Main Role:

This serial was directed by Romesh Kalra and this was produced under Director’s Kut Production by Ekra Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor. In this serial, you can see many famous drama stars like Rupali Ganguly playing the role of Anupamaa the main leading role in this serial. Gaurav Khanna played the role of Anuj and many other stars present in this serial. Mandalas Sharma as Kavya Shah.

Anupama Written Updates With Full Storyline:

The story begins with the life of a married woman with three kids. She had to face all the challenges that a middle-class woman faced in society and she was a very humble and hard-working housewife who took care of all the members of the family. Her husband Vanraj betrayed his wife by having a secret affair with another woman who was her neighbor Kavya Gandhi. She was a very greedy woman with a cheap character. She just wanted his wealth and family. Anupamaa and her three kids Pakhi, Samar and Nandini.

The eldest son of Anupamaa takes Kavya as a mother to the PTM of his school. Anupamaa punished him because of this thing she came out that her husband was in an affair first he refused to accept that. When she saw both of them together she realized that her husband betraying her for Kavya Gandhi. For the satisfaction of her own heart, she tracked her husband and followed him where he went and she saw that he met with Kavya and then she knew the truth. that her husband is not the kind of man that she thought about and then she decided to tell the truth to the family.

Anupamaa relieved the truth and then separated from the family and started her business in a coffee shop then her youngest son Samar fell in love with Nandini and they got married against the will of her mother. Anupamaa was a nice lady and then a man Karan fell for her and she wanted to marry her. Karan was a very noble man and he was very kind to her. Son. They got married and then she started life in peace. She was stuck in a car accident and lost her memories and then her husband Karan supported her in any situation to come back all of her memories.

Anupamaa Serial Gossip:

Anupamaa came back to the Shah family and wanted her part in the family. In the meantime, her daughter, Pakhi, and her friend Adhik fell for each other and they wanted to marry each other against the will of their family. Then Anupamaa supported her daughter and she succeeded in convening the whole family for her marriage. Her daughter got pregnant and then she gave birth to a daughter named Natasha. Her daughter Pakhi died in an accident and then Anipamaa takes care of her daughter. Watch all the upcoming episodes of this serial here on our website chotisardaarni for free. What will happen next?

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